“Currant Litters “



” Keeta ”                                            ” Elizah “

” Had 10 healthy F1 American Goldendoodles born Sept 3

Cream females $$750

Cream males $700

Red cream and reds 800

  2 cream females  2 cream males still available


” Glory ”                                                      ” Jobe “

Had 6 healthy F2b Goldendoodle puppies born Aug 19th

4 males still available $800


” LenaBreeze ”                                             ” Dezze”

” Had 7 Standard Poodle puppies born Aug. 18th “

Chocolate males $700  2 chocolates

Black 1 and 2 Cream males $500

Cream female $650




”   Keala ”                                                      ” Jobe  “

Had 12 healthy GoldenLabradoodle puppies on Aug 5th

may shed

      Males $500     Females $ 550

  4 males still available

  5 females still available

  Happy families leaving with new puppies “

 this little girl went 5 hours north to Minnasota



     ” Mirre ”                                                                     ” Dezze “

Had 8 healthy puppies born July 2

Cream and black males $700

Cream and black females $750


Happy families leaving with new puppies

  last to leave





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Upcoming Litters

Please contact us for details and to get on our waiting list  Unfortunately we have had issues with people attempting to steal our expecting mothers so we will no longer be posting what dogs are bred ahead of time. Litters will be posted once they are born.  Due to trouble with a few checks; _on pick up day_,  I am requesting cash.  Please!  Deposits can be sent or given by check.

Deposit to claim is half the amount

please email or call


Sometimes;  I am very busy, if I don’t get back to you right away please call again.

Puppies are well started on outside and crate training, wormed, vaccinated up to age and vet checked.   They are checking  ears, eyes, heart, lungs and 2 stool tests.   

They leave with a scent blanket, toy, harness, a small bag of the puppy chow they are on.