Have A. Heart  &  GoldenBarns

To all of you that have come here this year to get a dog or a puppy, from me, this last year and every year before in the last 16 years, I Thank You from the top and bottom of my heart!

There has been no problem with the virus here this year at all. Many thanks to all careful planning of the many that have come.

  After  19 years of building my no-kill shelter and breeding to support, improve and maintain a home for many surrendered and strayed dogs and cats, the county has come down with the violation of 2 many animals on my 10 acres and my business is not approved by surrounding people. They are going to remove all of said dogs, or horses to bring me into compliance. My budget doesn’t have alot of give to it. Most of what I make has gone into this 10 acres, This year to help in making my request approved I put $20,000 worth of very good fence around it. It did not seem to matter.

  My cry for help is for anyone knowing anyone that could help me keep what I have, with the same type of country freedom I have given to my horses and my dogs anywhere else. They say they are giving me 2 months. From Nov. 18th,20.  If you do; please email.. text or call.

I would be forever grateful for any help at all.  I don’t want to loose any of what I have. I need to relocate us all.