Happy Tails


Feb 8 at 10:24 PM

Hi Leetta just wanted to let you know that this sweetheart is doing just fine. The boys can’t get enough of her either. Hugs to you and everything you do.


Jan 19

: She great!


One year later, Great Dog!

Thank You



Dec 31, 2019 at 12:33 AM

Hi Leetta!
I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful puppy at a fair/reasonable price! I have already told a few friends about you, so word is out. You get a 5 star rating from me! 🙂

We named her Inday, which is Ojibwe for “my dog”. She is already responding to her name and learning to conquer her initial fears of the stairs. She has found some toys and a new chew bone to enjoy and run around the house with and has already claimed her throne in my craft room so she can be with me while I’m working. We’re working on the housebreaking, as she has found a favorite spot now to poop, in front of my koi tank. I am confident this will be resolved quickly. She is SO smart!

Today we worked on “bed etiquette so she can learn to sleep in bed with us on nights Rob has to work. Last night she had 15 minutes before heading to her crate across the room. She thought it was play time and Rob was sleeping & not playing, so she was determined to wake him up. This afternoon she laid with me on the futon and we took a nap together. She did much better after she got used to the macaw noises across the room.

Inday has already learned there is a boundary at the entrance to the kitchen. No puppies allowed in the kitchen. (no kids or pets in there is my rule, for safety reasons) She now gets to that border and sits down to wait and watch without always needing to be reminded.

Inday met her new vet today. She was a big hit at the clinic. Michelle, the tech who put my Stella down on Saturday, was there tonight. She is in love again now too. The entire staff was fawning over her and how sweet, well behaved, and calm she was the entire time. While we talked with the vet Inday laid down at my feet and went to sleep. She will be going back in 3 wks for her next distemper & rabies (if I am remembering correctly). Then in 3 months we will be getting her spayed and chipped. If you had any worry that she would be coming back to you in this 1st week let me please put your mind at ease. She is home. To stay. We are fully in love and bonded with her already and she is settling in quickly. She follows me everywhere and comes to get me to watch her eat. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our home & family. She already has a fan club building on my facebook page and people are sending her baby gifts. Rob works at one of the biggest pet supply manufacturers in the country. He is the head of their tech support department. I am expecting Inday is going to have a lot of gifts coming home for her regularly, as my Stella always did. She’s going to be spoiled to the moon & back!

She will meet the 1st group of family tomorrow night. I am expecting everyone will be playing “pass the puppy” all night and she will know more love than she could ever imagine. This group, our event group family, are all dog people. She’s going to be the star of the gathering and they will be catering to her every whim. I have already been informed there is a vacant crate from the host’s last dog, ready and waiting for her whenever she needs a nap.

I promised to send you pictures and videos, so I’m going to leave you tonight with those and 1 more expression of gratitude. If I could afford more than 1 dog I would surely be back for 1 or 2 more! Not only is she healthy, she is SO socialized and her demeanor is just perfect! That isn’t just the genetics and in case nobody has told you, its all because of you and the care you provide them. You should be so proud! I pray you are able to keep doing what you are doing. If only there were more out there like you. 🙂
I will send more photos and videos, but for now, I hope these make you smile. Inday is now officially a princess. 🙂

Jan 8


You might not remember me. I bought a boy goldendoodle from you in September, and then a girl f2b goldendoodle from you in October.

I’ve been telling everyone about you and your puppies. I have a work friend who may contact you. She is very interested in your male labradoodle.

Jan 11

Hi Leetta,

I don’t know if you remember me but I wanted to share some neat news. I adopted Gemma, who was originally named Esther, born 12.12.10.

I took her to the vet earlier this week and, because she’s 9 now, opted to have some more intensive blood work done to make sure everything is the way it should be. She got glowing reviews, as a matter of fact her vet said all her numbers/levels would be enough to make any 2 year old proud.

She is amazing, so smart and sweet and makes connections with everyone she meets. I know she’s inspired others to seek you out for puppies and rightly so. Thanks Leetta, for my precious Gem.





Hi Leetta,
Shelby is doing great! Thanks for all your hard work!!! He slept all night long & is a sharp & cute little guy!!! We love him!! Susan & Lee


Dec 22, 2019

FWD: Just wanted you to know. Our puppy has been a joy to our family. He makes all of us smile every day. Thank you so much. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas


Dec 21, 2019

Both puppies are going great!



Dec 16, 2019

It has been two years since we picked up Harper! She has been such a fun addition to our family! Loves being outside with us “ working” in the yard, woods, garden. Follows us around and I’d a loving retirement companion. Wishing you a joy filled Christmas!

Nov 30, 2019

Hi Leetta,

I just wanted to let you know we made it home, my mom sobbed and is already in love!!

She decided to name the puppy Tommy Boy after all 🙂

Tommy is adjusting well and is on his way to being spoiled rotten.

Thank you for helping me surprise her and giving her a new companion.

Take care,



Nov 27, 2019

No matter his barks, I think this is a love affair!!




I want to share with you what a wonderful, intelligent pup we have. He remembers your initial under the chin rubs and “good boy” I see it every time I repeat your puppy love. He’s healthy (gained 7 lbs in two weeks) and has a buddy in our Collie, she’s been a good mama. Thank you again.


Jul 15, 2019


Nine years ago our family adopted a doodle puppy from you and we have loved every second with him. He truly is the perfect dog.

Our ten year old daughter desperately wants to have her ‘own’ dog and we would love to work with you again. We are thinking of adopting sometime in October. Do you expect to have any litters this fall?

Thank you in advance,

Meg Jaques

Oct 21, 2019

She is pretty fabulous < Thank you again! Nixbi is a great addition to our family!

Meg Jaques



Olive enjoying Alaska! Thank You!




Hi Leeta, just thought I would share a few pictures of Otis with you. He has gained 4 pounds, is doing well on house training and sleeping in his crate at night. He gets along well with our chocolate lab and everyone at our vet office loves him, and so do we


Oct 8, 2019

Hi Leeta,
Hope you are well in Wisc. Thought you might like to see the F1B Goldendoodle we adopted from you in Sept 2018. She was one of the early July babies. We’ve named her Penelope and she is a joy for our family. She is 42 lbs at about 15 mos old and very smart, attentive and “springy”. She loves ball play especially with an under-inflated volleyball.
Thank you for all your help picking her out!
The Peters Family in Boston, Mass


Oct 2, 2019

Hi Leeta,
This is Millie at 14 months. We adopted her last September from you. She weighs 50 lbs and is probably done growing. We love her and she is a joy to have. She has lots of energy but is a good walker and companion. I’m so glad we found Golden Barns.

Bob and Rita Abler



Aug 28, 2019

Hi Leeta,
I’m Brenda Bublitz, from Eldorado Wisconsin, we adopted a golden doodle from you in 2009. You had named her Skylee, and we changed it to Abby. Not sure if you remember us, me and my boyfriend Bruce picked her up. Her parents were Cabela and I think Mia? She was the only one in the litter, we paid $600 for her and is worth every penny.
Anyway, Abby turned 10 years old on August 25th, and just wanted to let you know she is doing great and we love her soooooo much. She is such a good dog. Here is a pic of her, she just got a haircut.
Hope all is going good with you.
Thank you,
Brenda and Bruce


Jul 18, 2019


In December 2009, you had a litter. We got one of your doodles named Brander. He has been an amazing dog!

We are thinking about getting another doodle.

Bella is adjusting well…so is Brander.


Aug 16, 2019

Hi Leeta,

I wanted to update you with some attached pictures. Clara is doing great. We just returned from a week paddling the Boundary waters canoe area in Minnesota. Here are some pics from that. The one with everyone in canoe is from Madison where we did a practice paddle with Clara. Hope all is well with you.

Best regards,


Aug 14, 2019


Hi Leeta,

It’s been a year since we came and picked out our Nala girl from you. She couldn’t make us any happier she is super smart and well behaved and loves to play fetch with her ball just like her dad Casher. Here are some pics of her. Hope all is well!

Thank you,
Ami and Nate


Jul 8, 2019

Here’s a pic of Corie and Rena. They’re doing so well.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Jun 1, 2019

Hi Leetta,

We are absolutely loving the puppy! He’s adjusting very well so far. Thanks again!

-Brittany and Andy


Apr 26, 2019

Here you go Leeta. We are enjoying our time with JoJo. Thank you again.



Apr 21, 2019


Sorry it took so long to get pictures of Milly and Tuuk to you. We are both extremely happy with both of our pups. Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Paul, Emily, Milly, and Tuuk Voss


Apr 8, 2019  We are home safe! She did very well in the car and slept!


Apr 8, 2019  Oh they were so happy! They’re in love!!


Mar 30, 2019

Leetta, we just wanted to thank you for raising great dogs and Emma is fitting right into our family!


Mar 27, 2019

Hello. Its only been 2 weeks but harley(previously lola) has settled it flawlessly. Everyone who meets her says she is the most relaxed, well behaved puppy they’ve ever met. Potty training was a breeze also. She’s a very laid back cuddly girl. She loves walks and running with other dogs. We are beyond happy with our girl. Thanks so much for the good quality loving friend.
The Zimmermans



Mar 24, 2019

Hello Leetta
“Pippa” aka “Cloey” is doing very well with us as you can see from the pictures.
Alan Broadhurst


Mar 11, 2019

Hi Leetta,
Caesar is doing great! The first night he wasn’t a big fan of the kennel, but last night he didnt make a sound for over 6 hours! He loves jumping in the snow banks and exploring around the house. Thank you again



Hello Leetta,

I was just thinking that I haven’t sent you any updated pictures in quite some time. We took Ziva into our family from you at the end of 2014. It’s hard to believe she is already 4 years old. We love her so much more today than we did when we first got her. I couldn’t imagine not having her. She brings such joy to our lives! She has the most incredible personality. She is such a smart, sweet, affectionate pooch. I remember you telling us that her daddy was a “leaner”, well, Ziva likes to lean as well. She must have gotten that trait from him. She leans on me when I am making meals, when I am brushing my teeth, doing dishes, pretty much anytime she can. We love it, and she knows it! She is a big lap dog, which we also love and enjoy every day! She is beyond the BEST dog we could have ever gotten. Spending my time with her are the best parts of my day for sure! Thanks for all you do! Hope you are doing well and keeping warm during this crazy snow filled season!



Feb 21, 2019

Getting bigger! Isn’t he handsome?! He is such a good boy too!






Feb 12, 2019

FWD: She is perfect! We love her so much


Feb 7, 2019 at 1:56 PM

I thought you’d like to see a picture of Potter who turned 1 yesterday!! He has been such a joy for our family!! He’s such a good boy..I always say his fur mommy would be so proud of you!!!
Have a good day!!
Kelly Zierden



he loved his walk

Feb 6, 2019 at 10:05 AM

Thanks for your help!  He walked really well with the stroller yesterday. He wasn’t scared of it. When we got to the cold du sac I felt comfortable letting gray hold the leash. He never once tugged on it, and enjoyed grays faster pace then my slow pace with the stroller 🙂 this lady luvs her pup as much as u do



thought I’d send you this ! Desi’s pup Mabel she’s a year now ! With Easton !

She’s here for the day




Feb 6, 2019 at 9:02 AM

Had an amazing day..


Amber Rasmussen
Have A Heart

Dec 21, 2018 at 7:40 PM

Hi Leeta,

Hope all is well. Cabella and his friends met Santa at a fundraiser for a local dog park. The photo is attached.

Merry Christmas!

Amber and Cabella


I think she has made herself at home here.




Jennifer Buckley

Nov 29, 2018 at 6:12 PM


I wanted to share Levi’s birthday picture. He is a sweet heart and such a joy to have in our family.,




Hi Leetta,
This is Mowgli (caramel from 12/29 litter). He is now 10 months old and weighs 63 pounds. He is so sweet and full of energy! His color is still that beautiful caramel color with a touch of white on his chest. People are always stopping us to tell us how beautiful he is. He was/is a great addition to our family. Thank you for doing what you do


Beth Sullo


Oct‎ ‎4 at ‎5‎:‎38‎ ‎PM
Hi, just got back from a day at Kohler Andre park (a day at the beach!). He had joy, joy, joy! Met new pooch friends, dipped toes, ran on the beach… it was wonderful! He’s so funny; to watch him observe is funny. Btw, he was actually afraid of my friends bunny yesterday!
Hi Leeta,
This is Hanna, Puppy and I made it home to MN safe and sound. She was an awesome traveler, best I have ever seen!!!! Thank you again for all you do in raising beautiful wonderful puppies!!!
Oct‎ ‎4 at ‎5‎:‎31‎ ‎PM
I’ve been meaning to send you a pix of the golden doodle puppy we got on Memorial Day weekend, she was Cortney and we renamed her Beatrice…a wonderful companion…Happy New Year

‎Aug‎ ‎22 at ‎9‎:‎37‎ ‎AM

My oldest son thinks it’s pretty cool that he lays by him while he’s on the couch watching his morning cartoons.

‎Aug‎ ‎16 at ‎6‎:‎36‎ ‎PM

I thought that you might like to see how Abby (was creamer) is doing. She is growing and was spayed last week, full of energy, she goes to training and a puppy daycare once a week which she loves. She gets very dirty very easily as she loves to stand in her water dish and then go and dig. As you can see by the photo she loves to sit on her dad’s lap.
I have given out your name to quite a few people and I hope that they followed up as they all love Abby.
Keep up the good work.

Lesley DiSalvo


‎Oct‎ ‎2 at ‎11‎:‎59‎ ‎AM

Hi Leetta,
Just wanted to let you know Millie is doing great. She has been sleeping through the night from 11pm to 7am. A few accidents but she’s getting better with that every day. I’m glad we found Golden Barns and Millie. We will spread the word.

Thanks again,
Bob and Rita Abler

I have been meaning to send photos of Levi. He is settling right in and is super sweet. Here are a few of the better photos. Thanks!


Leetta, all 3 of us are bonding with Winter! She woke last night once for potty. Was comfortable in her Crate, I slept next to her. Clearly, YOU are responsible for preparing her for a new family.

I am consulting a puppy trainer who will be spending time with us Saturday afternoon.

She feels safe and secure. Thanks for your effort, love and work!

She loves hugs! 6/1/18

Hi Leetta,

Just thought we’d say hello!

I’m almost 5 months and spoiled! I can sit, lay down, give paw, roll over, swim really good and almost jump up on Mom and dads bed! I’m not afraid of much … but lawn mowers … those things are scary! I’ll be getting my summer cut next week … I’m sure it will make me feel really good and spunky!

I’m still sassy … love to pull tissue out of the bathroom garbag (drives Mom and Dad nuts .. but it’s so fun) and I still like to nibble but I think I’ll outgrow that soon! I’ve got a good set of lungs on me .. just want to make sure everyone knows I’m here.

Everytime I go to the vet I get super excited … so many animals and people. The doc always tells us that I’m one happy pup. I’d have to agree!

We hope all is well with you and can’t thank you enough for this furry friend. She is wonderful! And too darn cute!

Take care!

The Kobersteins 6/20/18

Thought you’d like to know that Milo is doing really well! He’s super smart, loves the kids and weighs about 25lbs already. 6/20/18
Hi Leetta,

I wanted to give you an update on Beck, renamed Bailey but we kept Beck as a “middle name”

Bailey has been perfect for our family already. Her transition has been flawless so far. She’s doing great in her kennel, going on walks and with going potty outside. She never seemed to have any separation anxiety… and was so excited to meet the kids. The kids were so shocked that they didn’t even really react at first but the pup was literally jumping and spinning circles to meet them. It was so sweet. Since then, the kids have said multiple times, “I am so happy we have Bailey.” Bailey lays at their feet at every meal and lights up whenever they walk into a room. She has brought a joy into our hearts that we have all been missing since having lost our dog, Duke, in November. Overall, we couldn’t ask for anything better.

Thank you again for bringing this puppy into our lives!

The Schoneman Family 6/19/18

Just wanted to let you know Annie is doing really well. She’s still pretty shy when humans come around (besides us) and pees a little but she loves meeting new dogs.

House training is going amazingly well 6/16/18

Hello this is Star, I am Roy and Cathi Nelson daughter in law. They wanted me to send you a picture of Bluff since he turned a year old on Dec.29
They bought one of your golden doodles
Hi Leeta,
This is we are the family that bought the three sisters from you this summer from Chazzey’s July 23rd litter.
Hi Leeta!
just checking in from Geneva IL.  Hattie and Lucy send their love!  Coconut is doing great too but she wasn’t available for the picture this weekend.
Good Morning Leeta,
It’s Jackie Naidoo. I hope you and your family are doing well. Just wanted to
let you know
Harper Rose was spayed last Tuesday, surgery went well. She is truly a fantastic pup!  Here are a couple recent pictures.  She is almost 5 with Lena & Derrick as parents!
 Hi! I tried sending this earlier but I wasn’t sure if you got it.
>> Thank you for the best dog ever. Dublin is such a good boy and we cannot even imagine our lives without him. He is truly the best. He transitioned so well and loves being where we are all the time.
>> We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
>> Mark, Erin, Delaney, Kinley & Dublin
I got my first grooming today and it was exhausting. My eyes are still green.

Hi Leeta,
Just wanted to give you an update and photo of our Oakley from Chakoya and Elizha’s litter! His training is coming along well and he is such a smart boy. Very few accidents in the house and he very quickly adapted to his kennel with very little whining. And sleeps through the night like an angel! He brings so much joy to mine and Keith’s lives. Everywhere we go people tell us he is just the “happiest boy”. Thank you very much for everything.

PS the photo was from a couple of weeks ago when he turned 4 months!

Allison & Keith

Leeta: I want to thank you for selling to us a very cute English Cream golden doodle last year. We named her Mona daughter of Moses and Lena. Has been a blast.
I have attached 2 photos, one from the day we brought her home and one from today her first birthday. You were very close on the weight she now weighs 54lbs.Neil, Mary and Susan Andrasko

Hi Leeta,

Hope you are doing well. This is Ali, Bear’s mom or I should say Oso :). Just want to let you know that Oso is a wonderful boy. He is very obedient, handsome and very smart. He likes to bite but is normal, I call him little Piranha! but he is sweet.  Everywhere he goes people give him attention and he loves it. I have to thank you again for making it happen! Here is a picture of Oso handsome I will send you more as he grows more! He is going to be a BIG boy.

Take Care Leeta!



Hi Leeta:

My husband and I got one of your puppies from the 3/25/17 litter and I just wanted to send you a picture so that you can see what an awesome dog she is.  We named her Piper and she is my shadow but I absolutely love her to death she is such a great dog there are no words, and she is best buddies with our Rottweiler Sherman.

I am hoping I’ll be able to get another puppy one day in the future

Thank you again she is a great dog

Lisa Wzientek



Molly had her visit with her Vet today.  She had her distemper shot,p got her chip, and her general going over by Dr Greer.  Everyone(really everyone) at the Clinic got to meet her and she was a huge hit!

She’s doing really well, she weighed 9.2lbs today and is excellent health.  At home she is fitting right in.  She quickly mad friends with our daughter’s dogs across the road.  She runs with them every day and spends a lot of time over at their house.  Her potty training is going well also.  She has been using them bells, and will also sit in front of the door and bark when  she wants to go out.  She and I go to bed about 11:00PM and she sleeps until about 5,  we go out then she goes back to bed until around 7:00.  Then you better have breakfast ready ready right then!

She has been an  easy puppy to train, and she is a joy to have in our house.

Thank you for a great friend.

Jim Mc

Hi Leetta,
This is Mowgli (caramel from 12/29 litter). He is now 10 months old and weighs 63 pounds. He is so sweet and full of energy! His color is still that beautiful caramel color with a touch of white on his chest. People are always stopping us to tell us how beautiful he is. He was/is a great addition to our family. Thank you for doing what you do!
Beth Sullo

Just wanted to send you an update on Maple and to thank you for providing such an amazing family dog. Maple has been more than we could’ve asked for. She’s kennel trained, sleeps through the night without whinning, hasn’t had more than 3 accidents in the house and that was in her first week. She listens extremely well and is very loving with children and other dogs. She’s also extremely beautiful! We get nothing but compliments on how cute of a puppy she is.

I hope all is well. Please feel free to use my review or photos! I hope you have an amazing day.

Kimberly Mianecki

thumbnail3 thumbnail4
Hi Leeta, this is Jackie, I just wanted to let you know we made it back safely to California. We named her Harper and her middle name is Rose ?. Harper did AMAZING on the 2 flights and is getting so much love and attention. She is such a sweetheart! Thank you again and will send more pictures soon!
A couple pictures of the puppies
rory3rory2rory sleepingrory4rory
Hi Leetta –
We just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful our first couple of weeks with Rory have been!!
She loves the park and digging holes! She also loves her duck toy (you can see her cuddling it in the picture). Her favorite part of walks is that she can make every person on the sidewalk to pet her – ms social!!
She has had hardly any accidents and sleeps through the night in her crate without any crying. Thank you for taking such good care of her and preparing her for her new home!! We are so in love!
-Megan and Neil
fin2finn laying down
May 25 at 2:43 PM
Just letting you know Finn is doing extremely well. His potty training is going great and he’s the sweetest puppy. He got used to his crate quickly and doesn’t mind it at all.  Loves walks and rides in the car. He and my Jack Russell play well together all the time. He starts puppy classes June 13. Eyes are still blue green.
Thanks so much.
Hi Leetta?finn
Just a note to let you know Finn is a wonderful puppy and doing great with everything. His puppy manners class starts tomorrow. His eyes are still greenish. Thanks again for such a great dog.
princess leia

 She is doing beautifully! So wonderful

Her name is Princess Leia.
More pics to come?
theo2theotheo and familytheo and family2
Hi Leetta,
Our family and Theo (our doodle) wanted to say hello. Theo is from the March 24th litter of Casher/Chaleena. He is simply amazing! We have had golden retrievers in the past and I have to say he is on his way to being our best dog. His easy going and gentle temperament is like nothing I’ve ever seen from a dog his age! He is incredibly smart as he is in his second round of training and easily the top of his class. We get compliments ALL the time about his behavior and loving personality (definitely like Chaleena)! House training was a breeze as he was barking at the door by 2 months. Our family did extensive research on finding our breeder and are lucky to have found you!
We cannot thank you enough for breeding these wonderful dogs! We will be coming back when we’re ready to add to the family!!
The Stroup Family
Good morning ,
We are very appreciative and lucky to have had you put this guy (chakoyas litter) into our lives. He is now 10 months, 70lbs, smart, well behaved and mannered. We couldn’t imagine life without him and have you to thank.  We’ve told many people about you and the have a heart cause. Thank you again
P.s. That is a plant stem in the second picture

Hi Leetta,

We wanted to check-in and let you know that Addy is doing really well! Attached are a few of the pictures we have taken, there have been many 🙂
It was really great working with you. Addy is a great addition to our family and is keeping us on our toes.
Hi Leetta!
We wanted to send you some updates on Murphy “The Love of Our Lives!”
He is the most perfect addition to our family!  Our daughters adore him as does everyone who meets him.  He is now turning 7 months old and continues to surprise us with how well behaved and gentle he is.  We take him everywhere whenever possible. The groomer commented on how nice his coat is but of course we weren’t surprised because we think he is perfect in every way!
Hope you enjoy these pictures!
Thank you again!
Kathy Mauer
FB_IMG_1501113865641Ramsey Family.

Hi Leeta!

I wanted to give you an update on our Lambeau that we got from you last summer. He is from the June litter of Chamielle and Casher.
The Ramsey Family.
He is one handsome man and super smart! Lambeau has been the best pup. He was very very easy to potty train (I am still shocked by how few accidents he had) and obedience has been a breeze. He attends doggy daycare weekly and does great with animals of all kinds! He is sFB_IMG_1501113901392weet, playful, goofy and very tolerant of our sometimes rowdy little girls.
Thank you so much for entrusting us with our furry friend. He is loved very much and we are so thankful!
Just wanted you to know that Hammer (AKA Jake) is settling in with us well.  His poddy training continues to go well, only accidents we blame on ourselves.
He is with us a lot, and has been doing well meeting other people of all different ages and statures.  Come, and Sit are going well, and we are starting to work on Down and Stay.
He likes his kennel, and will often go in it without being asked.  Unfortunately he likes harvesting the garden more than weeding it, so the daily garden tending visits Greg took with our previous dog are not something he is continuing with Hammer at this time, maybe next year.
We have him scheduled for a vet visit on Monday to continue his vaccine and worm schedule.  He is already a true member of our family and we love him.  He met water for the first time today and lounged in it a little, took a few paddles and then came out and was super happy for the cool dip.
I’ll send you some pictures in the future.  Thank you for him!
Sue Lockwood
Our boys are one and a half years old now!  These boys are the best two puppies we’ve ever owned!  They are sweet, gentle, obedient, and very playful!!!  Chewie (70lbs) is just like his dad (Moses) he non-stops brings his ball to play fetch with us!  He swims, img_8626runs, plays, fetches, and has such a crazy playful personality.  Griffey is just the opposite of his brother, he is a bit smaller (65 lbs) and resembles his momma (Keaira).  We call him our bird dog as he is always alert with his surroundings and watches every move of any little critter in our yard… birds, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, you name it!  He also can fetch, swim and play nonstop but such a different personality than his brother!  They are inseparable!!!
Here are a few photos of our precious fur babies!!  Time is flying by so fast.  We are sad that you can’t posts photo’s of mommas until after the pups are born.  It is fun to follow the mommas and babies!
We hope all are well with you and all of your wonderful animals!!!
Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for Chewie and Griff!!
Lisa & Peggy 🙂
Merry Christmas from Ziva.
She is the most wonderful dog a person could ask for. she was born July 11,2015 just a year and a half.
We love our Ziva. She seems to be smarter than us at times.
Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Barkley. He is now 6 months old and doing great. We start obedience school next week. He brings us lots of joy and we love him so much!
Take Care,
The Lamere’s


Hi Leetta,

I hope you and your pups are doing great.

Here is a picture of Kyra (7/11/15 Litter). She is growing up fast and is doing great.

We can’t thank you enough for such amazing dog. She is super smart, sweet, and gets along with everyone (humans and dogs).

Kyra is currently attending training and it’s the smartest puppy in the class– she gets each command within 2-3 tries. She also won the “Dog of the Month” award at Daycare for her sweetness and temperament.

She is amazing!

We are considering a brother or sister for Kyra. We’ll see…… 🙂


image1 (2)

Hi Leeta,

I wanted to send you an update on Finn. He is now 6 months old and weighs in at 65 pounds. He is extremely loving, cuddly, and smart. He loves to ride in the car, go to the dog park, play fetch, and meet other dogs and people.

Thank you so much for entrusting us with this sweet boy.

Raleigh and Lizzie

image1 (1)image2 (1)image3image4 (1)
Hi there! This Savage, he was born April 2014 from Moses and Ella litter. He is such a good dog! He loves going for rides, going to camp and taking walks. We love him so much!
We just wanted to send you some recent pictures of our pups. And thank you again, they are the best dogs ever.  Everyone who meets them thinks the same thing…our groomer can’t get over what awesome pups they are. She said I was doing an awesome job……..all I could say is NO that is who they are and you deserve all the praise. Thanks again for our Pups
Rick & Kate Patterson
FullSizeRender (2)
Hi Leetta,
I wanted to send you some pics of our Lacy (Keaira and Moses litter).  She is the perfect mix of her mom and dad.  Having a lab puppy is not for the faint of heart but despite all her shenanigans and chewing, we marvel at how smart and fun she is.  She’s turning into such a lovey girl now.  Everyone that meets her says the same thing, “Oh isn’t she beautiful, so friendly too!”  Then they pet her, their eyes get wide and they say, “Oh my gosh, is she soft!”.  I needn’t worry about choosing the biggest girl puppy.  She’s only 54 lbs. at almost 8 months old.
Hope all is well with you and the animals.  I can’t wait to see pics of the latest Keaira litter.  J
Merry Christmas!
Stacey Brannan
DSC_0715 (2)IMG_1779 (2)IMG_1939 (2)

Leeta I am so in love with our doodles. We have had many dogs. Only one other was as incredible as these two. The only dog I ever disliked was the beagle we brought you. We are still fixing things she did. Including triple fencing, damage to the house and the child proofing we had to do. Oh well we tried everything.

Winnie and Heidi are a joy. They have learned to whisper recently. LOL. They have learned to love each other and neither is top dog. We have daily laughs over things they do. Heidi lays on her back with a tennis ball and tosses and catches it. Prefers that to catching and retrieving it like Winnie. They are so very smart and so loving

Hello Leeta!
Charlie is doing great! He weighed 41 lbs last Wednesday at his vet appointment. He loves running and going for walks! He is very curious and loves meeting new people.
We just wanted to give you an update.
Emily, Casey, and Charlie
Buddy keeps on growing. He is getting A’s in his puppy class and loves going to the dog park. He tries to get sassy but gives up quickly when told. Loves to dig and chew, but is learning when, where, and what very quickly. Favorite person in the world is my sisters chocolate lab Kyro.
He has grown up to be such a great addition to our family. HE is almost a 1.5 years old now. We would do anything for our dogs. He loves his balls, loves being outside and playing in his pool and walking with his horses.

Thanks Leeta

Bonnie and Mike

Hi Leeta,
I thought I would send some new photos of Stella! She weighed in at 32.5 lbs at 21 weeks old. We love her so much!!
Thanks again!
The Ganters
Carlton, MN
Hi Leeta. I just wanted to send some pictures of the pups. They are the sweetest puppies. Callie is now Missy. Buddy stayed Buddy. We want to thank you for the wonderful additions to our family. Getting two together has worked out great. They are both potty trained as well. Thanks again. I’ll send more pics in a few months.
Rick & Kate Patterson
Hello and good morning to you,
Thank you so very much for letting us visit your home with all of your beautiful dogs. We enjoyed meeting all the dogs and learning about them and you! We are so humbled by the love we saw flowing throughout the farm! You are an amazing woman!
If you would allow us, we would LOVE to adopt one of your puppies into our home. As you know, we would like a female, F1 Goldendoodle. We would really prefer the mother to be a poodle and for us to receive a smaller puppy. (I know you cannot guarantee or predict weight but the mother of bubbles, who weighed about 40 lbs would be perfect!!!) and speaking of that adorable bubbles, I would like a puppy that color (creamy/beige). I know that was a lot of requests, sorry!, so if God allows a puppy to be born for Christmas that fits what we would like, we would take one for Christmas!!! If not, we would just adopt one from your spring litter, who matched the criteria. But I am crossing my fingers for a Christmas puppy!!!! Best Christmas gift ever 🙂
Would you like me to send the check this week to hold the puppy? I would be happy to do so! Also please confirm the amount due. My understanding is that the f1s are 650 so half (the deposit) would be 325.
We are so excited to bring home our new family member! What a joy it was to meet you! Thank you again for your time! It’s a good thing we don’t love closer because I would want to come and visit the dogs all the time!!!! 🙂
Have a blessed day!
Warm regards,
Jessica and Nathan
Hi there we bought a goldendoodle from you 4 years ago. We love him soo much and are hoping to get him a friend. Do you have any more doodles currently? Attached is a picture of our happy pup. 🙂
hi Leeta,,
hope you can open the photo….love our Buddy Rambo.  We visited you on July 2, 2010 and brought him “home!”  Love him soo much, he is quite the swimmer at the cottage and very protective of all of us and his friend, Kitty. Just wanted you to know how much love and affection we have because of your compassion and love for what you do. A question for you, Mia the golden retriever was Buddy Rambo’s mom.  She was a little older and may have passed by now.  My adult son loves our dog but at the same time, as he marries and gets his first dog, he actually wants a golden retriever.  Do you also have golden retriever puppies or know of a breeder that would be of the same beauty and quality that Buddy Rambo’s mother was?
Thank you; hope you have a super fall & God bless you!  Kasey Barlow
Hello Leeta, Just wanted to send you some current pictures of Charlie (may 20 th litter). He has adapted really well. Such a quick learner, he was potty trained in 1 week and learned the “ring the bells” to go outside in 1 day. We can’t say enough good things about your golden doodles you breed. They are really awsome dogs. Jordy & Charlie have brought so much joy to our family. Thanks again. PS Jordy & Charlie are sending you some dog toys to share with your future litters. The Pearson Family 🙂
Hi Leetta,
Attached are a few pictures of Kyra. We will send you more as she grows up.
FYI- the picture of her sitting on my lap was from the ride home when we picked her up. The rest were taken today.

Hi Leetta

Ziva made it home great stopped for a walk, drink, and do her job. settled down until we got to my daughters. She played with the kids and dogs for about 2 hours. We got home she slept most of the night No accidents, no accidents today, Eating very well.
Thank You for a wonderful Puppy
Richard and Mary Keller
Hello Leeta, I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to give you an update on Mavis & Whiskey! We had a great flight home! They did exceptionally well on the plane. They are both thriving and learning so well. We have fallen in love with both of them. I know when Whiskey goes with my son in 6 weeks we will miss him terribly! They are great travelers and have become quite close with my sister’s dog. They are so smart and have taken to training pretty well! Whiskey has had no accidents inside for almost 3 weeks. He is trained on the pee pad. Mavis definitely has a smaller bladder and has accidents but she is learning! We have had no poop accidents ever, so that’s AMAZING!! I’m so happy that we got them from you and look forward to loving them for quite some time! Also, we took them to the vet for follow-up vaccinations, they are doing great & very healthy!! Thank you so much & here are some pictures!
Sincerely, The Vanettes Family & Robert Williams (son)
Good morning Leetta:   I believe that my computer is now able to send a picture back to you of Muffy 3 and
his buddy Penny Blossom.  My daughter brought Penny home in July.  They have bonded wonderfully.  Hope this comes through and that you are able to enjoy and use it.
doodles 001
Hi Leetta,
I just wanted to give you an update. We have a girl from Chakeeah & Casher. She is 12 weeks now and weighs 17.9 pounds. (She’s about 4 pounds larger than our older doodle when she was that age) She has been doing really well with potty training the past week. She is going to the door and ringing the bell to let us know she has to go out!  She definitely has an attitude!  She loves to wrestle with our older doodle! They seem to be getting along well so far!Juli
Here is a recent picture of Seamus, who we got in January of 2014. He passed his canine good citizen test and has been doing advanced training. He will take the American Temperament test on August 8th.
Assuming he passes, we can begin therapy dog training!
Hi Leeta,
We wanted to thank you again!! We are in love with this little girl! She was such a great traveler on our 6 hour trip home! We have spread the word on the fantastic job you do!
Thanks again!!
Tracy and Paul Ganter
Hello Leetta,
I hope you are having a wonderful summer.  I just wanted to send you an update on our puppy, Ziva, we got from you on New Years Eve.  She is now almost 8 months old….and we couldn’t be any more in love with her.  She is an amazingly sweet dog, and is so smart.  She has so much energy, and has such an incredible personality.  She makes us laugh all the time…she plays with her toys like crazy, and will play fetch forever.  However, she also loves to just lay around chewing on bones when she gets tuckered out.  I think she is such a beautiful dog, and the combination of looks and personalities from her parents, Cabella and Chakeeha, is wonderful.   I am so grateful to have her, she makes our lives so much happier!
 I’ve attached a few recent pics of our sweetheart!
Best wishes!
Michele Pasewald, Haley and Brooke
Ziva on bedZiva chillin on couchme n ZivaHaley n ZivaBrooke n Ziva
Hi Leeta!  Our boys Chewey and Griffey (bullet and Simon)are doing amazing!  They are already bigger than they were 4 days ago! They are so well behaved too! Here are a couple of photos for your web site. Thank you so much. We absolutely adore our new babies! Lisa and Peggy
Hope all is well with you.  Just wanted to give you an update on Caileigh, now a little over two years old and 86 pounds of absolute joy and love.
She has become accustomed to riding in the car—as long as (a) she rides in the front passenger seat or (b) on her bed in the back seat as long as there is a person sitting there as well. We still take her to the doggie day care place once or twice a week where she gets plenty of exercise and socializing with other dogs.  She loves going there.
We are so happy we found your kennel on the web. Thank you for our golden doodle. She brings us such joy and laughter.  She puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees her. Our vet told me last week when we got her annual shots that now that she is two years old, she is and will continue to be a most fantastic pet.
Have passed your contact information on to another person looking for a golden doodle.  It looks like you have several great litters arriving this summer.
Caileigh 2015Caileigh 2015-2Caileigh-2015-3

Hi Leeta, we are so happy with our dog that we got from you! We renamed (Circles) and call him Foozie. He is smart and so well behaved everyone that meets him falls in love with him! I have a small home daycare and he is incredibly gentle and patient with the children.
Thank you!
Leah & family

Circles family
Good morning. Just thought I would send you a quick note to let you see how much Oscar ( AKA- Romper ) is growing. I picked him up on Jan 14,2015 and took this picture and then the second picture was taken today. He is growing like a weed, but has added so much joy to my life. He has a really mellow personality, yet loves to play. He has a lot of fun chasing the many cats around the yard and loves playing with anyone who will pick up his ball and throw it. I am so happy I made the decision to get him!!!!
Dawn Bauman
Oscar 1st pictureOscar 032615
I just wanted to send you some pictures and let you know that bruzzer who is now leo is doing great, he now is 10 weeks old Hes been doing well withe potty training and can almost wait 8 hours at night time and during the day. And he definitely likes his toys. I just want to thank you again for leo! Will update you once he gets bigger.
Thank you,
Tisha and Ben

Hi Leetta,

I just wanted to give you an update (and a picture) Chowder is 4 months old and doing fantastic!  She is the happiest girl, she loves to be outside and now that the snow is melted she is really learning how to walk on a leash for her afternoon walks.  Her favorite pastimes are playing fetch with a football in the front yard, playing with her ‘mama’ (our older dog Bella) and romping with her best friend our 10 year old daughter Gabby.  She navigates the stairs well in the house and has a pretty good understanding of ‘no’ ‘drop-it’ ‘bring it here’ and other commands.  We just love her to pieces and want you to know she is happy and healthy!  The attached picture of her was taken on her 4 mo old birthday, right after we gave her, her first haircut.
Thanks again for this wonderful baby!
-The Jones Family
Good Evening Leetta,
I first want to thank you for the amazing puppy my parents adopted from you this last Friday. Muffy has brought such love and happiness into their home. Over the last year, I have been looking for the right time, puppy to bring home with me! My parents are Jim and Kathy Nagle and the puppy they adopted from you is absolutely perfect! He is smart, sweet, gentle, everything I am looking for.
I only wish I could have gotten one of his siblings!
I am a palliative care/hospice nurse and will be raising the puppy to be a therapy dog to accompany me on visits. Do you have any suggestions on breed? I know you are expecting puppies in which Moses was the father. Which I would absolutely love, he is the most gorgeous golden retriever I’ve ever seen and would appreciate his characteristics in a puppy.
Any ideas I would be very open too. I look forward to hearing from you.
Jayme Nagle
Hi – we purchased a golden doodle from you 3 years ago and we love him:)  We are thinking of getting another one. Do you have any dogs available?
Thank you. ..Bret Pearson
We are interested in a boy from brianna’s litter if they are still avaliable. We purchased our amazing little guy Cooper from you 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier ( pic attached).  We cant remember who his parents were, He was born Aug 16 2012.  We are ready for a playmate for him… and couldn’t be more excited that you have puppies avaliable.
Amy,Dirk and Cooper
20150103_170254_resized (1)
Thought you might like to see a few pictures on how Duke is doing 🙂
He is very much loved by us and the girls at our vet office.  We have made sure he has his shots as needed and he also is now microchipped.  Duke is sporting a John Deere collar with Green Bay Packers name tag that we have had engraved with his name and our contact info.  Duke likes to go for short walks on his blue harness you gave us.  And he sleeps in our king size bed with the blanket he was given that smelled like his siblings.  Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we love having him.
Christy Halvorson
Chowder is doing great, she loves to play (and nap) with her Chewbacca toy and is learning to go outside for potty.  She has been such a great addition to our family. I will send more pictures soon, we are fighting the flu in our house so I haven’t had the camera out much.
Our entire family came to meet Couper today (minus one) and our Grandson made took good care of him.
Here is Cooper!   He’s obviously adapted to living at our house!   More pictures to follow.
Hope your doing well and all the dogs are staying warm!
Michelle & Kacee
Hello Leetta,
Just want to again say “Thank You” for this wonderful little puppy!  We love Ziva so much and she is such a joy to have in the house.  She makes us laugh all the time when she is playing…she really gets into it!  Thank you so much for working with her in a kennel before we got her…she does great in it and is learning things everyday.  We were like proud parents video taping her going up and down our backdoor steps for the first time.  I think my daughters have posted a hundred pictures already online for everyone to see, and we get so many great comments about how adorable she is.   Her ride home was a little scary for us, she got sick in the car a few times, and her first evening she was a little lethargic, but by the time she got up in the morning, she was ready to eat and she has been great ever since.  I think she is a smart little girl who will catch on fast.  We have a bell by our door so she can learn how to tell us when she has to go out potty….right now I think she thinks it is just a toy, but she sure does ring it when we are taking her out potty.  It’s so cute!
I have sent a few pictures of our sweetheart, and will send some more as she gets older!  We love her this little but are excited to see how she changes in the next few months.
Thanks Again!  Have a great week and stay warm!
Michele, Haley and Brooke Pasewald

Hey Leetta,

Hope you and the animals are doing well. Just wanted to send you some pics of Maddie. She is such a sweet girl. We already love her so much! She has already adjusted to our home and is doing great with house training. She is starting to play with her sister(Sophie, the maltipoo). I can tell that they will love each other and be best friends eventually.She was so worth the 14 hour drive up there to come get her. We enjoyed spending time with you, visiting the shelter,and talking to you about your work and service to the animals. You truly do an awesome job!
Thanks so much for answering all my questions about Maddie’s right eye yesterday. It really helped talking to you about it. I really hope that it gets better and that the vet is wrong about it. I will let you know if it gets any better/worse.
Stay warm up there. I will keep you posted as she grows.
Thanks again,
Sarah and Kyle
Maddie at 7 weeks,_1Maddie at 7 weeks.Maddie at 7 weeks

I just wanted to let you know that things are going fabulously with Chowder.  She adjusted quite well after that first night and is doing great.  She is such a sweet girl.  Thank you so much!!

Just thought I’d let you know that Sugar is doing well and growing (a lot)
It’s so much fun to see how fast she picks up on things.  Housetraining is really only a problem when we don’t see her go to the door.  She has been woofing for going out at times so we’re all happy.  Those warmer days she would  just have soon stayed out most of the day.
She’s as sweet as her name.
Thank you very much.  We’re planning to fence in our yard in the spring so we’ll have plenty of room for her to be outside and get plenty of exercise. And us too.
Thanks again.
Roxy, Denny and Sugar
Hi Leetta,

I remembered you wanted me to send you some pictures of Buddy, and of Buddy and my son Blake.
Buddy is getting big already, we had him at the vet on Wednesday and he is already almost 13 lbs.
Attached are some pictures for you.

 Hi Leeta,Just wanted to let you know Syrus (we changed it to Finley) is doing great. He did very well on our travel home in the car and he has not had any accidents in the house either. He loves to cuddle!! He has been introduced to lots of our family members and they just love him too!!Thanks again,Trish & Mike Sippola
Hi Leetta,

Olive is adjusting very well to her new home. She did vomit in the car on the way to Milwaukee on the 1st, but recovered quickly and had a successful car ride to Chicago yesterday 🙂

She is eating well, going on walks, playing at the park, enjoying toys, and had a wonderful time meeting our nieces and nephews and her doggie cousin.

She is VERY cuddly and can fall asleep anywhere (as you can see by the photos).

We can definitely tell that she has had experience with a crate! She seems to already understand where it is appropriate to go to the bathroom.

We love her so much and are thrilled that she is happily part of our family.

Thanks again,

Jess and Dan Dwyer
Darby did great here first night.  We are so grateful for our amazing new addition.  She will be loved beyond belief.
Thank you for doing what you do.
Tracy Hruska and the Hruska girls
Leo is doing great – getting used to the new family and house.  Training is definitely showing – thank you.  He’s eating well and likes to sleep under the coffee table.  Here are a few pictures.  I’ll send more periodically.
Thanks again.
Leo (2)Leo
The kids and Casper r ready for Santa.
Have a great xmas.
Hey Leetta,
Just wanted to give you an update on Mr. Briggs. He’s almost 6 months now and going like a weed! He is extremely smart and knows all kinds of tricks. He loves to cuddle, play with kittens and be outside. He is very laid back and gentle. Couldn’t have asked for a better dog!
Cody is doing great….80 pounds now and loaded with energy. He’s a great companion and loves his walks and playtime. Doug & Trish Lewis

Hi Leeta,

I hope you received the letter and photos of Tait. We are so happy with him and love him oh so very much! Like Blaze, he is so smart and friendly. He loves everyone he meets and of course, thinks, they love him back. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Blaze and yes, we still do miss him greatly. Tait has brought us much happiness, smiles and laughter. He is growing so quickly (almost 50 pounds) and is so full of energy. He really makes use of our large fenced in backyard and loves the long walks we go on. He starts Obedience Class on Thursday and he got to go trick or treating at some animal related businesses this week dressed as a clown which really fits his personality.

Thank you Leeta, we wish you the best!
Debbie, Gary and Tait West



Hi Leeta,
 Here are a few pictures of Apollo:)He is now 4 months old. He loves being outside and playing in the water bowl still. He does very well with his baths and brushing.He seems to get curlier fur with every bath. He is growing so fast and getting so big.

He also enjoys bossing his big brother around. He never stops playing.

He has been a wonderful addition.

He has learned to jingle his bells to go outside and took potty training well. He is very smart and well behaved over all.

Hope you like our pictures, we will keep you posted as he grows up:)

Thanks again for Apollo

10675543_4691468341737_5258385617453321684_n10557039_4691480742047_1907014338849663252_o1780866_4691463341612_791624160809678932_n (1)

Here is a picture of Annie at 4 months.  she is growing and going to be a good dog.
We have been loving every second with our new family member!  Training her to alert us about needing to go outside for to potty is still a big challenge, but she’s learning.
She has been a wonderful addition to our household and a great companion. She loves to chew on everything!
Thank you again, we are looking forward to a lot of fun years with her.
Allan & Suzi Cuff

Hey, Leetta!

Thought I would send a picture of Tobias and Marisol.  She is growing like a weed!  She did go gray, very light in her forearms.  The back of her legs are brown.  She has more brown on her face and ears.  The only thing that stayed black is the last half of her tail!  She is very pretty!  She is doing great and her and Tobias get along, also.  She would love to eat all day!
I will send more pictures later.  Hope all is well with you!

Hi Leeta! Hope you had a good summer! Mike is getting ready to take our Copper bird hunting in South Dakota soon. He has a great nose and will be an awesome hunter! He also loves to camp with us. We are still struggling with a little car sickness despite all our efforts but that is his only flaw!! He is an awesome new friend!

Our youngest daughter’s dog is in the last stages of lymphoma and won’t be with them much longer. What are you anticipating for spring litters this year? She is pregnant now so wants to wait until spring. Will you have litters of golden doodles? I think if they get one from you that might make us your best customer ever!! 🙂 let me know your spring puppy plans. Thanks again for our new best friend!!
image (1)

Hi Leeta,
Hope you are doing well! We’ve been meaning to email you to let you know that Roxy (“Paula”) is doing great, getting bigger and cuter everyday, and getting lots of love from our family. Here is a picture of Roxy with Drew. We’ll send more soon!

Patrick, Carrie, Drew, Bella and Parker Dlugosch

image (1)image

Hello Leetia I bought a golden doodle from you last day before Christmass day at night idk if you remember me or not I got Tamara now her name is Lola 😉 she is wonderful 😉

I just want to know if you would have in future another goldens but with creamy/brown color I would love to have a couple in home 😉

  here is a Lola with here cousin Rex 😉
photo (4)
Hi Leeta,
Natasha is now 1 year old.  I thought you might like to see how she looks now – very different, but beautiful!  She now comes to the nursing home with me every afternoon.  We had a big party for her first birthday.
Take care,
Lisa Swanson

We had a surprisingly uneventful ride home with no problems.

Emma is adapting quickly although she’s not been really interested in food or water.  It looks like the house training is going to be almost too easy; no accidents yet.
Hello Leeta,
It’s Catherine Mantuano, Duke’s owner.  I saw you have updated your Golden Barns website, so I thought I’d send you a few more photos.  (Born April 2011) Of course he is still great and we receive comments about how beautiful he is so often.  His coat has been low maintenance and it stays nice and shiny.  He has turned into a gorgeous and very affectionate red head.  He get’s along with every dog he meets and does not seem to have an aggressive bone in his body.  (Although, don’t get me wrong, he will bark to let others know he’s around.)  Anyway, thank you again and keep up the great work with all of your animals and your programs.  I’ll send over a few more photos without a note….just in case this file gets too large.  Use all or none…whatever you need to promote Golden Barns.
 Hi Leetta,

Here is a few pictures of Bruno at 3 months old (Chelsia and Cabela’s litter).  We have been at softball tournaments almost every weekend since we took Bruno home and I think he enjoys them as much as we do.  He is so sociable and loves to be pet and cuddled with everyone.  We even had an umpire ask where he got him after he complimented us on what a great disposition he has (he had been watching him through the weekend) and we passed along your contact information to him. Bruno became Jena’s team mascot and even made the team picture. Everyone just loves him.

Thanks again.  We will send more pictures as he grows.

Mark, Wendy, Cassie and Jena Krueger


Hey Leeta,

Just wanted to tell you that Arya is doing great.  She is already potty trained and learning commands every day.  Everyone is amazed at how calm and sweet she is!  I cannot thank you enough!

Hi Leetta it’s Marci from Canada.Well I made it back with no problems along the way.I just wanted to tell you that Jett is a wonderful dog,he’s learning more things already.I take him for a big walks twice a day and he  loves it.We live on the edge of town so I have easy access to a big walking path,and he seems to love it.I must say that keeping your pups for 10 weeks is the best thing a responsible breeder would do.Plus the fact that you are so good with all your dogs and you can tell they love you for it.It was so good to meet you in person I’m glad I made the trip to get him.I love him so much already and I am going to write an awesome review for your website.I have total respect for what you are doing with your dogs and your rescued ones,in fact that would altimately be my dream job,but the opportunity has never come my way.Oh well ,I’m glad to see someone loves these dogs to help them out.More people need compassion for them in times of need. Thanks again for taking such good care of him and I will give him the best life he deserves,I love him so much already.Thanks Marci



Hi it’s Kari Schuh, Liz’s mom. I wanted to update you, we only have had for 5 days and it is going so well. She is amazing!! This was her first time up north at our place, in the water and on the boat, she did great! Also she does great in the car. She just goes with the flow. I am so happy we have her.



Just wanted to let you know that Stan, who we have now named Ziggy, is doing really well and living his new home.  And we are loving him!  He is a good boy, having a few issues biting at the boys to play but we are working on it.  And he is getting so big so fast!  Already 20 pounds I’m estimating, he was 17 at his check up two weeks ago.  Thanks again he is great!
We just love “Danie” who we named Teddy! He is settling in great! We are getting to know all his funny characteristics!
He is breathing quite fast and heavy but am assuming that is normal for a puppy? I can’t remember!
Attached is a picture! We will keep in touch and send photos as he grows!
Thank you,
The Pressers
Hi Leetta!
Just wanted to send you a quick update on Carrie-who we have renamed “Molly”- she is doing great! She has been doing awesome with potty training and only had had one tiny accident because I was a little too slow in getting her out in the morning:). My husband and I really cannot believe how well she listens and well behaved she has been so far. You really do a great job with them. She came with us to our town Fourth of July celebration and I have never been stopped by strangers wanting to pet her so much!! Everyone said she was the cutest thing they’d ever seen:) I need to get you a better picture, but here’s one for now 🙂


Here’s Rambo lovin’ on his brother




Not sure if you remember me, but……I wanted to share with you some pics of all the 3 girls!! They are the best dogs ever and we could not be happier!!!



Just wanted to send some photos. We got Seamus from you on January 25, 2014 ( dob 11/18/13)
He is 6 months now and gorgeous. He’s going to be a big boy, he weighs about 65 lbs now. He has finished puppy class and is onto basic. He is by far the most trainable dog I have ever worked with, I’m certain he’ll pass his canine good citizen with no problems.
He’s the envy of the neighborhood.



Good Morning Leeta,
We picked up Tabby (now Libby Lou) last fall while we were camping. We love her to pieces! We are seriously thinking of getting Libby Lou a playmate. She is so very calm and mild when she is with my husband and I, which is perfect, however we can tell when she is around other dogs she needs a furry companion. We wouldn’t think of anyone else we would want to get our next puppy from!
Thank you,
Christine Gorgas
Libby Lou



Tobias 2tobiasTobias couch



Hi Leeta,
I purchased a goldendoodle puppy from you a little more than 3 years ago.  You had named her Claire – a puppy from Mia and Cabella.  She is our Sophie and thee best dog ever.  I have never owned a more loving dog in my whole life.  She is so laid back – people couldn’t believe she was a puppy she had such a calm demeanor about her.  We just love her.  I have gotten so many compliments on her.  She is just a beautiful dog in so many ways!
Here are some pictures of Sophie.
Patti Pucker

Hi Leeta!

It’s been about five months since we adopted Callie (now known as Bokeh), and I wanted to share this picture with you. She is the best dog ever! We will soon be starting our third round of puppy training classes with her, as we hope to have her be a Canine Good Citizen. We get compliments on her everywhere we go.
She’s been so easy to train and her loyalty can’t be beat. This is our first family dog and we’ve fallen so completely in love with her — we’ve even talked about getting a second. If we do, we will definitely be back! Your puppies are the best!
Take care,
Scott and Kate Eastman
Hey Leeta,Just wanted to send you a picture of the English golden doodle we got from you 40 weeks ago. He is one year old today, and, as you can see, he has grown a lot! He has been such a good dog, we have been so proud of him! He is now in advanced dog training (his 5th round of obedience training), and he is one class away from therapy dog training! Everyone cannot believe how smart he is, and he just soaks up the training! We just want to thank you for our amazing baby! We feel so fortunate!Kelsey and Kody Schuckman
Doodle Puppy


Hi Leeta,
I just wanted to let you know that Cory (renamed Jax) has been progressing really nicely.  The nipping has stopped almost entirely.  He is 100% potty trained and knows sit, stay, wait, down, paw, come etc.  He is fitting in very nicely with my family and we all love him very much.

Thank you,
Megan Martyn


Hello Leetta,
I have attached a photo of Duke.  We adopted him from you almost three years ago and we are all super happy.  A friend of ours recently put his golden retriever down, so of course we recommended your puppies.  I did send him your phone number and I’m hoping this email is still current.  Let me know if I can forward any other information to him.  Your site says there are spring litters coming, which is exciting!
Best to you and all the animals!
Catherine Mantuano



 Hope all is well with you and your animals.
I’ve attached a couple of recent photos of Caileigh.  Our puppy has GROWN!  She is now as tall as our grandson’s chocolate lab and we thought he (Wrigley) was HUGE!
However, she still sneaks up on our bed during the night and sprawls–until Bill stretches his legs and she then moves off the bed.  She definitely knows how to get our attention when (a) she wants to eat and (b) when she has to go out!  She is quite the thief—pens, eyeglasses (4 pair destroyed to date), socks, kitchen towels, gloves, shoes, and anything paper—napkins, plates, toilet paper.  Once she sneaks something, she runs to her bed, shoves it down in the crease at the edge and looks at you all innocent-like.
The regular mail lady brings her a dog biscuit every day when she delivers the mail , talking to her in Polish and saying Cailsigh is the most beautiful dog she has ever seen. Caileigh starts looking for her each day—waiting for her to come.
Caileigh loves the snow, even when it is chest high on her—sticking her face in until she is white up to her eyes.  She loves going to doggie day care twice a week for 5 hours.  They call her “Crazy girl” as she never stops running and playing with other dogs the entire time she is there.  We have a very nice quiet late afternoon and evening on those days as she comes home, eats and sleeps.
Nevertheless, she is such a joy!  All she has to do is look at us and we smile—


They are the best !!!!!   Already have learned sit and are starting to ring bells at door to go potty .   let us know that you got pictures  and how you are doing.    would like to come for visit when weather warms up and will bring the boys.   Would that be ok?


20140124_113602 20140123_201319

Here’s a pic of Shiloh with my oldest daughter. We renamed him Seamus, since I am Irish and from Boston. He is doing great, cried the first night, but now has either slept through or cried once to go out and pee. He is doing great on the leash and with house training. The kids love him and he plays nicely with my other dog. Vet check tomorrow, not expecting any trouble.
Have a nice weekend!
Kristin Sorenson
Otis is doing great.   Now sleeps through the night and hasn’t gone in the house in over a month.   He knows how to sit, stay, give paw, and lay down.   Very smart dog!
Jason Simanson


Merry Christmas Leeta,

I just wanted to let you know that we are so very happy with Tabby (Renamed, Libby Lou). She came running alongside our car when we visited while on a camping trip on October 14th.
She is absolutely beautiful! You said she was house trained and she certainly is! We enrolled her in Puppy training classes and she is so smart and the “Star Pupil”. Wherever we take her someone is always stopping to pet her beautiful soft fur and tell her how beautiful she is.
Since my husband and I are older we were not sure of a brand new puppy. We were worried about Potty training, chewed up shoes or furniture and such but we have not had any mishaps at all. She is very smart and stops whatever she is doing when she hears the word “No”.
She will be 5 months January 3rd. We just has her weighed at the Vet and she is 32 ½ lbs. I forgot how big you thought she would be?
She is always by my side. She is our new ‘Baby”, we spoil her rotten because we just love her to pieces!
Here is a picture of her with Santa!


You are the best!
Christine Gorgas


Good morning.  Just wanted to let you know that Oliver is doing great.  I love him SO darn much.  He is a moose, long lanky legs, he doesn’t know what to do with them.  He makes us laugh cuz he is so clumsy & wipes out a lot when he is running around playing.  He is so happy & such a great boy.  I included a couple pictures of him now.  I plan on getting another Goldendoodle from you in the near future so Ollie has a playmate.  Thanks for everything, I hope this email finds you well.
Liz (Nelson) Hyke
Oliver in small bed Dec. 2013 Oliver watching TV Nov. 2013 Me holding Ollie March 2013


Dear Leeta,
This is our Monty’s  (Monte, brother of Carlo) second birthday.  Just a quick report.
He’s healthy, happy, and is a joy.  We get him out for runs in the woods and fields of our Conservation Club 4-6 times a week and out to the (wonderful) Jefferson County Dog Park 1-3 times a week.  He LOVES to play chase — and is entranced when puppies want to crawl over him and wrestle. 
He became OBSESSED with lures coursing this past summer.  Did it on 4 separate occasions and took to it IMMEDIATELY.  The last time, after having two separate rounds on the course, I had to put him in the car while there was a little social and the equipment was all removed.  (This was at the Jefferson Park.)  I let him out to go play in the Park then and he went immediately back to where the course was.  The only thing there was the snow fence border.  He went in and ran the course about four times all on his own!  THAT’s obsession.
We — husband, myself, and Monty — went to my brother’s in Baraboo for Thanksgiving.  He loves to go because my brother has two springer spaniel brothers who are about four months older.  They play in the fenced back yard together.  His “cousins” taught him things like jumping on  picnic tables.  Well, we adults were in the house visiting around the dining room table with sodas and paper plates emptied of appetizers.  The dogs came in to greet a new visitor.  Monty was such a happy greeter he JUMPED on the dining room table to say hello.  I almost fainted.  He had NEVER jumped on any table in any house EVER.  We got him off quickly and then started laughing imagining what havoc he could have caused had the table been set with dishes, silverware, and food.  Could definitely have been worse.  He was fine after that — as he usually is.
Do you still raise the golden doodle puppies?  I often have people ask me where we got him.  Would you like me to send them your way?  IF so, how should they contact you?
Again, we want to thank you for Monty.  EVERYONE who meets him thinks he’s  a sweetheart — and he is.
Francine (and Tom) Butzine of Watertown
Just thought I’d drop a note. Our two sweethearts are almost 2 already. I can honestly say the two girls are definitely the perfect breed of dog for us. We’ve had other great breeds but these two are everything I ever wanted. They make me so happy. Both think they are lap dogs hahaha. They love to snuggle, are very sensitive about being good and don’t like to be scolded. Lol. They are a bit timid at times but love everyone they meet.Hope you have a great holiday.

Melanie Patterson

Hello Leetta
Bindi & Chloe are like long lost friends.They are always either playing or snuggling together,they sure make the perfect pair.WE will send pictures as Bindi grows and Chloe teaches her naughty traits.Back to getting used to razor sharp teeth and middle of the night potty breaks.Oh well,it’s all worth it to us.
Thanks again for all you’ve done
Scott & Lorrie and Bindi & Chloe
Hi Leetta,
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  Telle, who we renamed Bella, is doing great.  Steve is training her to be a service dog.  She is a natural.  He takes her to the V.A. almost every week and she has become quite an item there.  So well behaved and brings comfort to people that are bed ridden and in wheel chairs.  At home she’s all puppy and likes to play with our lab-mix, Lucy.
We are really enjoying Bella.
Thanks so much,
Hi Leetta
Just wanted to send to you some more pictures of Clifford.
Thanks again,
Rob, Amy & Noah Steinmetz


Hi Leeta,
We wanted to let you know we absolutely love Clifford. We have been having fun taking care of him. He is a great addition to our family. He is very smart. We put in an invisible fence in our yard, so he didn’t run away , he learned right away. He is now able to travel in our yard freely. He has graduated from one obedience class already and won the recall and sit relay. Our 5 year old loves him so much! Thanks Leeta for all your help with Clifford, for giving him a great headstart in life and for also taking care of him so we could pick him up after our vacation; that was a huge help.
Rob, Amy and Noah Steinmetz




Just wanted to touch base and let you know that “Stella” is doing GREAT!!! She is a total lover and snuggler and has not had a accident in the house thus far.
Loves to fetch her toys and already sits on command. Very Smart Smile
I did have her to my vet on Monday and she noticed a small heart murmer. She thinks she will outgrow it at 12-16 weeks, we will keep an eye on it as we are concerned with loosing our last dog to a bad heart. Her stool was clear, ears looked good, nice teeth and bite- our vet likes her too.
Attached is a picture from yesterday…it seems as she is turning lighter in the face every day.
We do have some friends who will probably be contacting you for a doodle or even for one of your rescue dogs. They will contact you by e-mail, I sent them to your website.
Connie Cummings
2013-10-01 Stella


Hi Leetta! Thanks so much for talking with me today. We are certainly grieving the loss of our Tucker but I think a new puppy will be the healing touch my husband needs. We are looking for a laid back, curly male and understand that if I get you the deposit I can have the pick of the litter. Thanks so much for listening to my grieving heart. I am attaching a couple of pictures of our Tucker….he has left a giant hole in our hearts. Blessings to you.





We got a puppy from you a year and half ago in May of 2012.  His name was Miller and he was from Mia and Cabella’s litter.  He is the sweetest boy ever.  All he wants to do is cuddle and chase balls!  He loves us and has the best demeanor.  My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the joy he has brought to our home.
We are thinking about getting a 2nd dog.  We’ve had such great luck with Miller we really want another goldendoodle.  Although we see you have goldendoodle puppies now, we would be more interested in a pup in the winter/spring timeframe.  We also would prefer the gold color over the black/brown color.
Do you plan to have any litters available this winter or spring?  If so, please let us know and which of your dogs will be having the litter.  I attached a couple recent photos of Miller to see how he has grown up.  He is very tall and lanky, and has settled out at exactly 70 pounds.
Justin and Jill Urbanek
Thought you might like an update on how Caileigh and the McGowens are doing.  She is still growing  but slowing down, hopefully.  She is now about 44 lbs., has been spade, and loves going to the doggie day camp (half days) twice a week.  She retires to her crate when we go to bed in the evening when the t.v. is turned off and I say “Caileigh, it’s time for bed.”
In the morning, she first comes in and says hello to which one of us is still in bed at 6:00 a.m. and then, after going out, eats a very hearty breakfast (in three minutes or less).  All meals are eaten lying down, guarding her dish.
We’ve been through basic training and are about to start on distraction training with her.  She is very, very smart and is training us quite successfully.
She’s been groomed and, as you can see from these pictures, now has lost her puppy coat and is quite wavy.  Everyone who sees her thinks she is BEAUTIFUL!
She is getting better at riding in the car though she still wont ride unless she is on my lap, with papa driving.  She chases the birds and treed her first squirrel this week.  She still eats my pansies and loves watching t.v.  She tries to catch the football/basketball/soccer/hockey players –whatever is moving on the field when running.
Hope all is well with you.
I thought  i would send you an email again on Mia! If you dont want these emails anymore i can stop, just email me that. So Mia is such a wonderful dog! She loves long walks, and is still verry friendly with children! We will soon be putting Mia in classes so she can be a therapy dog! I’m very glad to tell you that! 🙂 Mia is such a socail dog! we lodge her at a place where she can with other dogs and theres sections certian size dogs can go only! Well Mia is so friendly and social, she can go into any area she wants! anyways that is my little update Message from me! How has your place been doing? Anything super duper spectacular happening that you think j would like to know? 😉
Sent from Joy
Hi Leeta,
Remember me?  Tomorrow will be Abby’s birthday.  We picked her up from you, she was the only one left in the litter from Cabela and maybe Mia??  She is such a laid back loving dog.  I can’t remember if she is 3 or 4 tomorrow…but she has been such a joy to have.  She share’s our home with Willow, our standard poodle who is 2 years old, and they get along so well.  Seems like they are big sis/little sis!  She loves getting her hair brushed on the grooming table, or any where for that matter!!!  We just love them both so much.
Hope all is well with you.
Brenda Bublitz and Bruce Hagie
Hi there!
We just wanted to give you an update on Totty, we came and got her in November and her birthday was August 18th.  Here is pictures of her in the past year! She is extremely smart and loving and has become a wonderful companion for our home.
Thank you so much!
Felicity and Mark Greiner
Hi there 🙂
We got little Vinny(Sima) from you back at the beginning of June. Just wanted to send a pic of him now… he is such a sweet boy and spoiled rotten!!! We just love him and so does everyone he meets 🙂
hello leetta
Chloe is doing amazing, and has become quite the swimmer.she loves to fetch things and play keep away depending on her mood.she does very well on basic commands and is house broken also.were looking forward to seeing you again maybe in the fall.thanks again for giving us such a great dog.
Scott & Lorrie
chloe (1)Chloe
Thought you might like to see a pic of Archer. He’s been a very good dog and has been very easy to train.  Soon after getting him home he learned how sit, stay, lie down and he “heels” well when being walked.
Luke Linnell
Merrill, WI
Hi this is Amy we spoke a few days ago. I have one of your dogs! He is now 18 months old born 12-6-12. We love him soooo much!
Update on Madison (carrie)-
It’s crazy we’ve had her for a month already! She’s such a lover.
image (1)image (2)image (3)image

Hi!We picked Josie up Memorial weekend.  I just wanted to send you a pic of her and let you know she is doing great!!!  She definitely has some energy and loves to play in the dirt!  Thanks for the great puppy!!!

Amy and Josie

photophoto (1)

can you send me your website for have a heart!
    ~Joy holzman!
btw Mia/Tonya as you called her is doing great! and is still a big klutz, but love it how klutzy she is! i will send yu a picture of her later! and alot more info on how she is doing. so anyway can you send me your website to me! i want to show my neighbor the site on were we got Mia!
joys ipod 021joys ipod 022joys ipod 053joys ipod 210

Leeta,We LOVE HER!  Even when we are exhausted with keeping her from chewing on us, our clothes, our shoes,and the rugs, playing tug-of-war to wear her out, or making the multitude of trips down the stairs to have her go to the bathroom (we live in a raised ranch), and have just about reached the limits of patience, one look from her and we just melt!

Caileigh is “a frisky pistol”, to quote my husband, Bill.  Everyone who sees her thinks she is adorable and so loveable.  She LOVES everyone she comes in contact with, though she isn’t completely cured of showing that love with a few nips now and then.

What a love she is!  She races into our bedroom as soon as she’s awake in the morning and tries jumping up on our bed. During the day, she follows us when we go to another room, including the bathroom—her most favorit place to sleep during the day.  Yesterday she discovered how much fun it is to peel off some of the toilet paper and leave a trail of shredded paper behind her.

She actually watches t.v., particularly the hockey games and actually tries to catch the moving skaters as she follows their movements.

Last week Caileigh and I attended her first puppy training class. She’s very, very smart and can be quite independent at times. Her training is progressing very well.  She sits, even without command and comes—when we get her attention. She also, fairly consistently obeys the “down” command.  We’re still working on her nipping/biting as she has not yet lost any baby teeth.  Most of the time we can distract her by providing a stuffed animal/tug toy.  She LOVES playing catch with a tennis ball down the hallway and tug with her squirrel.

When hungry, she barks demandingly until you give her food and water. Though she does not bark to go out, she is pretty well house-broken, except when we aren’t paying enough attention and she gets a certain look in her eye, silently telling us it’s time to go out. She now sleeps from about 9:30-10:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. and goes immediately she gets outside.

Caileigh is quite the explorer.  One of her favorite pastimes is prowling in her “jungle” —our perrenials (mostly phlox and daylillies) in the garden.  The plants are still a bit taller than she is so all we can see, if at all, is the movement of the plants as she moves in and around them. We had a new fence installed in the back yard yesterday (our old cedar fence was more than 20 years old and a section of it was blown over last month during a storm).

She still gets car sick when in the car longer than a half-hour. Last week we traveled out to our get-away home near Galena, IL (a 2 1/2 hr. trip).  She was car sick on the trip out and on the trip home. However, she manages the trips to the vet (15-20 mins) with no problems.  Though very nervous initially, she is gradually becoming a better traveler—though she wants to be held and, so far, is not willing to ride in the back seat or on the floor in the passenger side well. The vet recommends I get some Benadryll before we go out to the Apple House next week so we will see if that helps.

She has had two distemper shots, frontline and heartworm doses once and will have a second dose of each in the next two weeks.  As of yesterday, she weighs 19 lbs and is doing great.  She still has her hernia which the vet says will be taken care of when we have her spayed.

I’ve attached a few photos.  Please let me know if you are able to download them.

Hope all is well with you.


An Update on Carrie-
She is fitting in nicely at her new home and has found all her favorite spots to sleep and hide. We absolutely adore her.
photo (2)photo (3)


Leeta,I’ve attached a couple of photos of Caileigh exploring her new home.

The trip home was uneventful except for a small bout of car sickness near Portage.  However, in fairness to Caileigh, she did everything she could to warn us we needed to stop.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a place until we got to Portage and by the time we stopped the car to let her out, she was already sick.  However, after she did and went to the bathroom, she promptly fell asleep and slept the rest of the way home.

Once home, she discovered the backyard grass and plants on the patio.  She seems to think she is a vegetarian and tries tasting the leaves of various plants we’ve already planted this spring—which we keep stopping her from eating.

She already has us well-trained.  No accidents in her crate or in the house so far.  At 3:00 a.m., she discovered how to navigate the front steps, inside the house and outside (we live in a raised ranch—8 steps from ground to front door and 8 more steps from front landing to main living room floor).  However, she refuses to come in the front door by herself and wants to be carried over the threshhold. We just sit and wait her out.  Eventually she comes in.

She seems a bit off her feed, though she has been eating the dry food you gave us, a bit at a time.  How much should we be feeding her and how many times a day?  She is drinking plenty of water.

Her favorite things are (a) rolling in the grass and running alongside of us; (b) chewing on the soft frog and hedgehog toys; scolding us, and sleeping.

She’s really something!  Will keep you posted.


P.S.  The extra $100 in our check is a donation to the shelter.



Hi Leeta, Just a quick question for you. We took Rosie to the Vet yesterday and they asked if her parents had been checked or certified in regards to their hips. They did not see any problems, but just wanted to know for record keeping.

She is a fantastic dog. Everyone who meets her thinks she is fabulous. We have been promoting your business!
take care, Erica Bouska
Rosie in sun roomrosie, first week at home
Bear (Oso) Labradoodle

Hi Letta,

Hope you are doing well. This is Ali, Bear’s mom or I should say Oso :). Just want to let you know that Oso is a wonderful boy. He is very obedient, handsome and very smart. He likes to bite but is normal, I call him little Piranha! but he is sweet.  Everywhere he goes people give him attention and he loves it. I have to thank you again for making it happen! Here is a picture of Oso handsome I will send you more as he grows more! He is going to be a BIG boy.
Take care Letta!
Molly had her visit with her Vet today.  She had her distemper shot,p got her chip, and her general going over by Dr Greer.  Everyone(really everyone) at the Clinic got to meet her and she was a huge hit!
She’s doing really well, she weighed 9.2lbs today and is excellent health.  At home she is fitting right in.  She quickly mad friends with our daughter’s dogs across the road.  She runs with them every day and spends a lot of time over at their house.  Her potty training is going well also.  She has been using them bells, and will also sit in front of the door and bark when  she wants to go out.  She and I go to bed about 11:00PM and she sleeps until about 5,  we go out then she goes back to bed until around 7:00.  Then you better have breakfast ready ready right then!
She has been an  easy puppy to train, and she is a joy to have in our house.
Hi Leeta:
My husband and I got one of your puppies from the 3/25/17 litter and I just wanted to send you a picture so that you can see what an awesome dog she is.  We named her Piper and she is my shadow but I absolutely love her to death she is such a great dog there are no words, and she is best buddies with our Rottweiler Sherman.
I am hoping I’ll be able to get another puppy one day in the future
Thank you again she is a great dog
Lisa Wzientek
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Leeta: I want to thank you for selling to us a very cute English Cream golden doodle last year. We named her Mona daughter of Moses and Lena. Has been a blast.
I have attached 2 photos, one from the day we brought her home and one from today her first birthday. You were very close on the weight she now weighs 54lbs.
Neil, Mary and Susan Andrasko
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– My Super Good BoyThis breeder is excellent.She takes such good care of all her dogs,and she has a few.Very well organized and dogs are all clean and healthy.I traveled all the way from Canada 1400 miles there and back,and it was absolutely worth it.My Jett is a very good dog and has learned so much already.I highly refer this breeder to anyone as she is a wonderful lady with a big heart.It was truly an honor to meet her and all her dogs.I would get another,but do not have the room.Excellent breeder,do not pass this one up you’ll surely get a dog that you will love forever.

Reviewer: marci, July 31, 2014    [ Delete ]

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– love our puppy cooper, formaly know as dirk. Perfect health, going on 12 weeks, well taken care of. Came crate trained. Whined for maybe 5 minutes when we kennled him up at night when we first got him. Loves his kennel now. Transaction was smooth and easy. Were able to pick out of a couple of litters. Favorite Part, when she let all the puppies out for us to look at. Highly recomend this breeder and dog rescue. Will and do refer as much as possible. Will send pics to their website soon. Dirk, Amy and Cooper

Reviewer: Dirk, November 9, 2012    [ Delete ]
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– one great pup, and adding another very soon!

The farm does look run down and yes there are a lot of dogs, but those dogs are taken care of. It is a north woods kind of place and some people are not accustomed to that. When our family visited we were greeted by many dogs who immediately stopped barking and walked away when the owner told them to. The puppies had no flees, ticks or mites despite being outside and in the barn. All the dogs were friendly and gentle…and our pup has been nothing but a great addition to our family….obedient, gentle, smart! we are getting another very soon!

Reviewer: Jess, August 27, 2012    [ Delete ]



Scott K.


This place is blessed

I recently purchased a f1b doodle from Left a and let me tell you, I have never been more humble and envious of the LOVE that flows from that farm. I highly recommend that everyone experience the or a alone. AWESOME! Left a has the biggest heart I have ever encountered. The puppy is fantastic!


June V.



I can see why on the surface someone may think Have A Heart Rescue / Golden Barns may be a puppy mill. That is NOT the case. Letta has chosen to use her 10 acre farm and home as a dog rescue. She also successfully breeds healthy poodles and labradoodles. Her choice for the first lead her to also do the second with the knowledge it would help pay for the rescue. All the dogs she rescues are spay or neutered as they go through the intake process. No adopted dog leaves without spay or neutering. Unfortunately even though she has agreements with local vets the cost of sterilization does impact the time between arrival & a vet visit. Letta & her staff are selflessly giving of their time and resources to all of the animals in their care. Have A Heart is an inspected and licensed facility. As to the cleanliness, when I adopted my dog from her in early February 2014, I observed one of the many scheduled clean-ups that happen many times during the day. Letta is required to keep records of the MANY cares she preforms EVERY day for her charges. I drove 2 hours to come here for our new dog & I would encourage anyone to find there next 4 legged family member from this shelter.




I recently purchased a male go…

I recently purchased a male goldendoodle from Leetia at Have A Heart. We drove 2.5 hrs to purchase this puppy. When we pulled up we were a bit taken a back w/ all the dogs running around & not the nicest looking place. But once you get out & talk w/ Leetia & see how much she loves all those dogs & keeps them fed, bathed, happy & healthy you realize that any money she does get goes right back into those animals. I was afraid going not knowing what I was going to find but we could not be happier. If I had money I would give it all to her so she could do more for herself, she is so unselfish & makes everything to favor the animals. I didn’t give it 5 stars only cuz it wasn’t the cleanest place but again I would get another dog from her in a heart beat.




goldenbarns/have a heart dog homes…

I got a puppy from here and could not be happier. It is evident that the woman that has devoted her life and home to the animals she cares for on her 10 acre farm. She was honest and answered every question I had with complete knowledge and has ethical standards unlike a lot of breeders out there. I admit I was uncertain when I pulled into the yard with lots of dogs running around, but all were friendly and well-behaved! I was shocked at what I saw…I think her ingenious way of “training” the dogs to stay on the property, not excessively bark, leave the cats alone, and potty outside, not jump up on guests, and just generally behave (There was not a single “fight” the entire time I was there). I can’t recommend highly enough this unconventional shelter! My puppy (I now have 3 dogs…that all get along famously!) is the most mellow, loving, intelligent, and well-behaved I could have ever dreamed. If you are considering getting a puppy, dog, or cat, I suggest you check this out before looking anywhere else. I could easily gone home with another adorable and friendly pet if I caved in to my 8 year old son’s pleas as he was surrounded by friendly dogs and loving every minute of it!